Walker Tracker Challenge: Caribbean Island Hop

Walker Tracker Challenge: Caribbean Island Hop

Congratulations to our 159 participants who stepped up to the Caribbean Island Hop challenge!

The COVID-19 pandemic may have disrupted our daily routines, but there was no break in our employees’ stride.

Top 10 Wellness Warriors:

#1 Scott Ranck with 1,570,712 steps

#2 Julie Pietrazko with 1,386,068 steps

#3 Blake Bjorklund with 1,105,026 steps

#4 Steven Brennan with 947,129 steps

#5 Janine Roye with 942,334 steps

#6 Jowi Baugh with 838,850 steps

#7 Mike Cassel with 829,646 steps

#8 Andrew Weitz with 827,705 steps

#9 Jennifer Gnann with 816,757 steps

#10 Kimberly McCarty with 783,610 steps



44,518,734 total steps

572 total pounds lost

2,003,343 total calories burned

Our second six-week walking challenge, Global Cuisine, wrapped up on August 11.  Check out the winners and stats via our CaresConnect employee app. 

Step up to the challenge and track your daily activity as well as be prepared for the Company’s upcoming walking competitions by registering, today, at chpk.walkertracker.com or by downloading the Walker Tracker mobile app for IOS or Android to join.