Shane Breakie Named Chamber Chair

Shane Breakie Named Chamber Chair

Shane Breakie, Assistant Vice President of Chesapeake Utilities, was named Chairman of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce (CDCC). Shane previously served as the vice chairman at the CDCC, and his two-year appointment as chairman was announced at the CDCC’s annual Awards for Excellence Dinner in Dover, DE.

“Being been named the chairman of the board during the chamber’s 100- year anniversary is quite the honor. The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce is such a strong group that plays an integral role in our community and the focus of the chamber is in line with our Company. I am really looking forward to the two years,” said Shane Breakie.

“Having Chesapeake team members involved in community and civic organizations is a huge part of our core values as a Company, Shane’s dedication to the community and his partnership with the CDCC make him an excellent selection for this position.”


Jeff Householder
President and CEO

As chairman, Shane will be responsible for overseeing the financial status of the organization and ensuring all policies are carried out as designed. Additionally, he will work with other chamber members in generating business growth and job opportunities throughout central Delaware.