2022 Annual Department Meeting

Regulatory Affairs Overview

The Regulatory Affairs Team oversees all filings and interactions with both state and federal regulatory commissions.  The department provides guidance and strategic support to the distribution and transmission business units, ensuring the Company’s strategic goals are advanced through regulatory policy.

Mr. Everngam is the Director of Regulatory Strategy and Alternative Energy and has been with Chesapeake Utilities Corporation for 12 years.

Roles and Responsibilities

Matt is responsible for regulatory filings and strategy for alternative energy programs such as renewable natural gas, liquified natural gas, LEDs and CHP. They also handle special projects and filings for Chesapeake Utilities, Florida Natural Gas and Florida Electric.

Interesting Fact

Matt believes working in Regulatory Affairs allows him to be exposed to many different areas of the Company, from renewable project planning to rate design, governmental approvals to financial analysis and acquisitions to customer interaction, just to name a few. Every week in this role brings new challenges to solve which keeps him on his toes and makes his job enjoyable.


Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Bety Maitre, Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities: Ms. Maitre conducts research and augments the regulatory team to provide help as needed with audits, cost recovery filings and petitions. She compiles all the exhibits for the the Florida Natural Gas and Electric Divisions Depreciation Studies and responds to data and production of document requests from the FPSC and the Florida Office of the Public Counsel. She is currently working with the Regulatory Affairs Team to complete the 2023 Rate Case Depreciation Study for Florida Natural Gas and the LED Tariff Modification Filing and the Storm Protection Plan Cost Recovery Filing for Florida Electric.

Regulatory Affairs Distribution

Ms. Napier is the Director of Regulatory Affairs Distribution and has been with Chesapeake Utilities for 34 years.

Roles and Responsibilities

In Michelle’s role as Director of Regulatory Affairs Distribution, she is responsible for the coordination and preparation of all internal and external regulatory reporting and compliance requirements, as well as rate cases and assists with regulatory strategies of the business units and regulatory department.

Interesting Fact

What Michelle enjoys most about her role at Chesapeake Utilities Corporation: “Definitely, the people I work with inside and outside of my department. Also, regulatory affairs is a unique field that is vital to the organization so it’s interesting to participate in the regulatory process.”

Regulatory Affairs Consultants

Donna Rance, Regulatory Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities: Ms. Rance works on surveys.


Kathy Welch, Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities: Ms. Welch works on projects that are filed with the Florida Public Service Commission such as the current Gas Rate Case, the last Electric Rate Case, and Storm Recovery.


Regulatory Affairs – Pipelines Department

Ms. Chi is the Director of Regulatory Affairs-Pipelines and has been with Chesapeake Utilities for 22 years.

Role and Responsibilities

Amanda provides regulatory support, guidance, strategy, and compliance for the transmission pipeline vertical; federal regulation (FERC) and state regulation (Florida PSC, Public Utility Commission of Ohio).

Interesting Fact

What Amanda enjoys most about her role at Chesapeake Utilities Corporation: “That it provides the opportunity for continual learning and hands-on, proactive strategy development as the industry’s market and operating environment is ever evolving.”