Public Relations and Strategic Communications Overview – 2021

The Public Relations and Strategic Communications department handles media relations and crisis communications, and helps guide strategic communication initiatives. The department provides oversight of both external and internal website development, mass employee communications and company publications such as the annual report. With a focus on integrated communications, the department proactively seeks opportunities to build company reputation and help establish stakeholder relationships that position Chesapeake as a leader in the industry.

Role and Responsibilities

In this new position, Brianna will lead the Company’s media relations and crisis communications. She will also focus on strategic communications supporting external and internal key initiatives.

Interesting Fact

Brianna loves that she’s joined a vibrant organization that is excited to grow and receptive to change! In her very short time with the company, she has met many people who enjoy what they do and are proud of where they work. She is looking forward to continuing her career at Chesapeake.