National Gas Utility Workers' Day

Left to right, are Dean Holden, Manager, Business Development & Sales; Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen; Delaware Senator Trey Charles Paradee; Steve Thompson, Senior Vice President; Beth Cooper, Executive Vice President and CFO; Chris Redd, Director of Gas Operations & Engineering; and Jeff Tietbohl, Vice President, ESNG.

National Gas Utility Workers’ Day

March 18 commemorates National Gas Utility Workers’ Day. Throughout our Company, we recognized all of our employees who work tirelessly to provide safe and reliable service to our customers in Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Florida.

Chesapeake Utilities at our Energy Lane campus in Dover, DE, hosted an appreciation event in honor of National Gas Utility Workers’ Day. Delaware Senator Trey Charles Paradee attended the celebration and presented an official proclamation from the state Senate recognizing March 18 as National Gas Utility Workers’ Day.

At our Chesapeake Utilities and Sandpiper Energy office in Salisbury, MD, Mayor Jacob Day presented the Company with the official proclamation that March 18 is National Gas Utility Workers’ Day.

“Our employees respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on weekends and holidays, and in challenging conditions to keep the gas flowing for our customers. The skills and attention to detail that each of you bring to work every day combined with your knowledge of industry-wide safety practices, allow us to bring affordable natural gas and propane to our communities, safely and reliably. On behalf of all leadership, we appreciate your efforts in the community as well as your work to maintain our systems year-round. You are our strong foundation for growth.”

Jeff Householder, President and CEO