Marketing and Creative Services Overview – 2021

The creative services department is responsible for developing and designing the campaign concepts for all of Chesapeake Utilities Corporations’ internal and external stakeholders across various marketing and advertising mediums. The department will curate concepts and ideas, which create a demand for the Company’s products and services within the business units respective target audiences.

Role and Responsibilities

Crystal Campbell is the Manager of Creative Service for Chesapeake Utilities Corporation. She is responsible for providing direct creative output from the early concept stages for all Company campaigns and successfully leading her internal team and external vendors through to production on each campaign request.


Ms. Campbell will collaborate with the regulated and unregulated business unit marketing and communication managers to develop ideas on how to effectively advertise the respective business unit’s products or services to create an overall shared vision that adheres to the Company’s brand guidelines and mission values. In addition, she oversees communication efforts related to public pipeline awareness, energy conservation and emergency response.


Crystal currently serves as Chair of the Southern Gas Association (SGA), Multi-Generational Leadership Committee and as Vice-Chair of the Marketing Committee for the Florida Natural Gas Association (FNGA). She graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Marketing.


Interesting Fact

What Crystal enjoys most about her role at Chesapeake Utilities Corporation is the collaboration and exposure to the different departments within the organization. The most rewarding thing to her is being given the opportunity to work alongside her colleagues and help bring their visions to fruition when it comes to creative concepts and designs.