Energy Lane Campus

A commitment to our communities’ economic development, Energy Lane Campus in Dover, DE, is the office location for nearly 250 employees from ESNG, Chesapeake Utilities, Customer Care and Business and Information Services. The new facility is located on a 20.6-acre plot and provides a 56,000 square-foot office building with a 33,000 square-foot warehouse. In addition to its public compressed natural gas fueling station located on Queen Street, Chesapeake Utilities is installing its second public compressed natural gas fueling station at Energy Lane Campus.

Sharp Energy

As Sharp Energy continues to grow on the Delmarva Peninsula, construction of our new building in Dover, DE was completed in September providing a welcoming atmosphere for our customers as well as a new home for our employees.


Accounting Department and PESCO

As a result of our acquisition of the assets of ARM Energy Management, PESCO has an additional business office in western Pennsylvania with a team of approximately five employees located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Approximately 40 employees, comprised of our PESCO employees in Delaware and some of our teammates from the Accounting Department, moved to a new location in Newark, DE. With various business locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania, our Company will be able to attract more talent while we continue to extend our geographic footprint.

Pictured is PESCO’s business office in Pittsburgh, PA.


Pictured above, is PESCO’s trading floor at the new office location in Newark, DE.

Aspire Energy Office

In addition to its main office in Orrville, OH, Aspire Energy has a business location in Athens, OH with a newly constructed office. The Athens office is home for eight employees.