Living Our Brand

Pictured, left to right, are Andy Hesson, Vice President of Propane; Jeff Householder, President and CEO; Kevin Wilson, Delivery Driver; and Mary Batze, AutoGas Technical Services Manager, who attended the Opening Bell Ringing at the New York Stock Exchange in New York City.

Living Our Brand

Marty Batze - AutoGas Technical Services Manager Sharp Energy

“Marty’s character and drive exemplify our core values at Sharp Energy! His leadership in handling our customers sets us apart from our competition and shows why we are an industry leader. I can’t say enough about Marty’s impact on driving our success in the AutoGas space.”


– Andy Hesson
Vice President, Sharp Energy, Inc.


With his determination and expertise, Marty Batze, AutoGas Technical Services Manager, has continued Sharp Energy’s aspirations of identifying opportunities to integrate the latest advances in green energy into its service offerings and products. For more than seven years, Marty has been integral in Sharp Energy’s success of becoming an industry leader in providing customers with the option to use AutoGas, a viable alternative fuel for automobiles that reduces emissions and lowers costs.

Marty goes above and beyond for the Company and our customers. He approaches every task and project with the pursuit of excellence. Within his role, Marty is responsible for taking care of AutoGas customers and refueling stations. He leads the installation and support of propane vehicle conversion systems for vehicle fleets and on-site fueling infrastructure. Marty and his team completed the AutoGas station installations in Georgetown, DE and Salisbury, MD; and he continues to manage the ongoing start up, diagnosis and upkeep of all AutoGas dispensing stations in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida.


“I was honored that I was chosen to represent Sharp Energy and Chesapeake Utilities Corporation at the Opening Bell Ringing at the New York Stock Exchange. What I enjoy most about the Company overall and specifically about Sharp Energy as well, is they care greatly about their customers and employees. Sharp’s statement sums it up perfectly – we are committed to treating and serving all of our customers on a one-on-one basis. Our goal is to provide reliable service to build a long-term partnership with our customers based on trust, safety, integrity and respect.”


– Marty Batze
AutoGas Technical Services Manager


Once a new alternative fuel service station is installed, Marty manages the training of designated employees on the process of fueling vehicles in a safe and efficient manner and the proper operations of the site. He leads the monthly maintenance and safety inspections of all AutoGas pump stations, and administers technical support to all alternative fuel service and conversion centers.

At times, this dedication has led Marty to work multiple 20-hour days. Last year, he spent Christmas day diagnosing and repairing an AutoGas station that is utilized by two 24-hour airport shuttle companies. However, this is just part of Marty’s drive to do whatever is necessary to achieve the goal.

Outside of work, Marty is just as in tune to the fuel and interworking of vehicles. “I’m a family guy, and a car and motorcycle enthusiast. I spend my free time with family and what time is remaining, I like to work on and fix vehicles and motorcycles,” said Marty.