FPU Crews to Assist in Hurricane Isaias Recovery

FPU Crews to Assist in Hurricane Isaias Recovery

In the aftermath of Hurricane Isaias, FPU sent crews and equipment from its Florida electric division to assist First Energy Corporation with damage repairs and the restoration of energy service to customers in the Northeast.

Just as energy companies from across the country have supported FPU during responses and restoration efforts after severe storms in Florida, the Company is happy to return the favor.

FPU began preparing for Isaias by activating its emergency response plan, adjusting resources and monitoring its path and potential impact. Many individuals along the Eastern Seaboard lost power, sustained significant damage to their homes and may have been displaced as a consequence of Isaias.

In response to numerous storms over the years, FPU has assisted energy companies in the Southeast and across the U.S. as part of the Southeast Electric Exchange (SEE) mutual assistance network.

Kudos to the team of employees who traveled to New Jersey to assist with the storm restoration, including Rhondon Gray, Manager, Operations; James Ussery, Senior Lineman; Donnie Maxwell, Senior Lineman; Kevin Harris, Senior Lineman; Stephen Amos, Lineman; Quaid Gilmore, Apprentice Lineman; and Jae Elliot, Apprentice Lineman.