Community Affairs Overview – 2021

The Community Affairs Department will be ambassadors for the organization with responsibility for delivering Chesapeake Utilities Corporation and its Subsidiaries vision within the local community we live and serve. Our focus will be relationship building both internal and external, stakeholder management, organizing events, volunteer coordination and building rapport with various community groups and organizations. Our goal will be to align the culture, mission and vision of the organization with the support we provide to our stakeholders, which are Investors, Employees and Customers. The team will work with the Benevolent Committee to align charitable giving and volunteer activities across the Company.

Role and Responsibilities

Ms. Stamper’s role is to lead the Community Affairs Department in the Northern and Southern territories. Review and monitor charitable involvement to include donations, sponsorships and advertisements. Directs team in North and South with representation from BUs and Departments to develop Community Engagement and Support Initiatives and to ensure Initiatives meet strategic plans and goals. Supports the efforts of Communications and External and Governmental Affairs to increase awareness of local community involvement. Maintains ESG metrics for Corporate Governance and External Communications related to Community Engagement and Support. Ensure the Company’s Community Engagements and Commitments align with the Company’s strategy, goals, brand and values.

Interesting Fact

What Melissa enjoys most about her role at Chesapeake Utilities Corporation is the collaboration. She finds being able to work with people with diverse ideas, different backgrounds and various forms of creative is motivating. It causes her to think outside of the box, look at other points of view while giving her own and meeting somewhere in the middle. It can be productive and thought provoking with an end goal of a successful outcome.