Caps Off to Our Aspiring Future

Caps Off to Our Aspiring Future

“We wish our Aspiring Scholars and all of the students who applied the best of luck as they start the next chapter of their lives. We look forward to hearing about the great things they accomplish in the future.”

Beth Cooper, Executive Vice President; CFO; and Chair, Aspiring Scholars Committee

A round of applause to our six Aspiring Scholars and two Honorees for the 2019-2020 school year! Through your commitment and unique talents you and your peers have made remarkable achievements.

Aspiring Scholars

  • Jacob Hammond, son of Don Hammond, (ASPIRE ENERGY)
  • Christian Larmonie, son of Claude Larmonie, (FPU).
  • Jaiden Manuel, son of Danielle Manuel, (FPU)
  • Rachel Martin, daughter of Vicki Weaver-Martin, (FPU)
  • Ethan Meyer, son of Jennifer Meyer, (ASPIRE ENERGY)
  • Alexa Tracey, daughter of Stephen Tracey, (FPU)


  • Anthony Gaston, son of Andrea Gaston, (CORP)
  • Kyle Wrenn Springer, son of Warren Springer (SHARP)