Be Extraordinary Every Day by Demonstrating Diversity

Be Extraordinary Every Day by Demonstrating Diversity

CS Week welcomed Beth Cooper, Executive Vice President and CFO; and Stacie Roberts, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Governance, as guest speakers for its Women In Utilities webinar series: “Power Up! Empowering Women to…”

CS Week is a nonprofit organization that specializes in premiere utility education and resources, conferences, presentations and advisory panels for utility professionals. The organization is steadfast to its mission to provide year-round valuable, current and applicable content and networking opportunities with an emphasis on expanding excellence in customer service.

As part of CS Week’s Power Up! series, Beth and Stacie presented “Empowering Women to…Be Extraordinary Every Day by Demonstrating Diversity.” The webinar was broadcasted throughout the U.S. and well attended by many of our employees. During the presentation, Beth and Stacie summarized the history of women’s contributions and advancements in the energy industry and highlighted our Company. They commented on our markets and business areas while recognizing our leadership, employees and culture, most specifically related to diversity and inclusion, and our Women in Energy program.

Beth and Stacie also leaned in to share genuine experiences about their personal journeys within the energy industry and throughout their careers. Both Beth and Stacie provided inspiring thoughts and recommendations for all in continuing their personal journeys.

“Each member of our team recognizes that we have a responsibility to raise awareness, be part of the solution, and have a meaningful impact on the experiences of our employees, customers and stakeholders. Every day we see, across our team, extraordinary results that are only possible by bringing out the best in one another, reaching new heights together, and contributing to the overall success of the team.”

Stacie Roberts, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Governance


“It was a tremendous opportunity to be a presenter at the “Women In Utilities” conference and speak to women across the country, along with Stacie Roberts, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Governance, about the topic of diversity and inclusion. The key message of our presentation was that a company with an embedded culture of diversity and inclusion, and a strategy that aligns with that culture, is best positioned to achieve extraordinary results. Our Company has long exhibited a culture of diversity and inclusion, which has fostered record earnings and significant market capitalization growth. Today, each of our team members brings a diverse perspective to help achieve our goals, be a part of our future growth and further foster increased diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. Stacie and I had the honor to share our journeys and highlight some guiding principles that promote increased diversity and inclusion. We, like each and every Chesapeake employee – regardless of gender or ethnicity – play a key role in advancing these key initiatives forward.”

Beth Cooper, Executive Vice President and CFO


Beth shared the following guiding principles that continue to assist her on her personal journey:

  1. Believe in yourself. Pursue your dreams. You can achieve them. You also may find yourself in situations where you have to dig deep to persevere.
  2. Everyone makes mistakes. There will be challenges and mistakes, but it is how we come out on the back end that truly matters.
  3. There are other women in the same spot that you find yourself. Never believe you are alone. It is not just you. We have to accept that we are really always trying to prove ourselves. We want to perform and be rewarded for a job well done, not just because we are women.
  4. Remember that what you work on may not be the desired project or what you will enjoy the most. Sometimes we learn the greatest things from those opportunities. Say yes to new opportunities regardless of the outcome. Again, knowledge will be gained.
  5. Listen to your kids. Understand what they are thinking about and learning today. That helps you think about how things are being used by the younger generation.
  6. Surround yourself with people that have different strengths and capabilities. That will in fact make you stronger.
  7. Always remember to be precise and concise.


“I would encourage you to take a leap of faith, lean in and embrace the opportunities before you, even when you are unsure of the path forward.”

Stacie Roberts, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Governance


View the Power Up! webinar,
“Be Extraordinary Every Day by Demonstrating Diversity,”
as presented by Beth Cooper and Stacie Roberts